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Complete nanny experience

Serving ages 1-12; All services are offered on a first come, first serve basis

Interactive Activities, Outings and Field Trips

Developmentally Appropriate Practices

Full Service List

Private Nanny services:

🧩Convenience Care: $25/hr for 1 child or $30-35/hr for 2-3 children
🧩Overnight/Weekend Care: $25/hr for 1 child or $30-35/hr for 2-3 children
🧩Last Minute: $25/hr for 1 child or $30-35/hr for 2-3 children
🧩General Nanny Services: contracts for six months or longer (PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS)
🧩Essential worker incentives offered with proof for 2 to 3 children (NOT AVAILABLE FOR General Nanny)

🧩Nanny Sharing: Provides childcare for two different families at the host families home for $16.50/hr per family. Four children limitation between ages 1-12. Each family must complete the enrollment process to receive services. Activities included as well as light cleaning of utilized spaces during care. See Frequently Asked Questions for a Description of Nanny Sharing. 

General nanny services:​

🧩Includes academic support, daily meal preparation, interactive activities and projects, outings, social skills development, literacy development, potty training, light cleaning of child’s bedroom, playroom, bathroom and more! Contracts for six months or longer. Full-time and part-time availability.


Convenience Care:

🧩Offered on a needs basis and contracts are not required to have an ending date. Advanced notice is appreciated. Availability is not guaranteed.

Prolonged Care:

🧩Advanced notice is appreciated. Payment is due prior to service. Typically for families with medical and law enforcement backgrounds but open to all.

After/school ONLY Care:

🧩Transportation to and from school. Mileage reimbursement is .58 per mile
Sarasota and Bradenton areas only.

Swimming Lessons:​

🧩$35 per child per 30-minute session

Families must have access to a public, private, or community pool

Home Management services available for an additional $15, per service request: 

🧩Includes Kitchen, Laundry, Living Room and Pet Sitting. $15 per service.
Heavy duty jobs are subject to additional fees.

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