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- Private Nanny and Swim Services are offered to children ages 1-12 ONLY.

- All families are required to submit a non-refundable registration fee.

(Fees are $25 for one child, $30 for 2 children, and $35 for 3 children or more)

- Two payment options: weekly or monthly

- Fees for the first week of enrollment are due prior to services being rendered.

- One day contracts must pay fee the same day before service is rendered. No exceptions. 

- A Registration form, medical form and service contract agreement are due before services are rendered. The swim  waiver is required to receive swim lessons.

- All families are required to submit a Service Contract Agreement. Both parties must submit a written one month notice to terminate contracts.​ 

- A 30-day written notice is required to terminate nanny & swim services. A $50 termination fee and
unpaid fees are due immediately. 

- Home  management services are available for an additional $15 per service request.

- The nanny will use their personal vehicle to commute. 

- Late fees are applied to late payments and services outside of contracted hours. Late fees are $15 per day.

- All families are required to submit a swim waiver for swim lessons. Fees for additional lessons offered outside of contract agreement are due on the same day.

- Home Management services are offered at an additional cost. Heavy duties are subject to an additional

- General Nanny Services is the most affordable care offered, but families must enroll for a minimum of
six months for up to 5 hours per day. Care needed outside of this timeframe is charged the normal care
fee of $20/hr.

- Nanny Sharing: Only two separate families with up to 4 children max are provided care when Nanny Sharing. See here for definition.

Fees & Payment information

Nanny Services-
*Convenience Care: $25/hr for 1 child or $30-35/hr for 2-3 children
*Overnight/Weekend Care: $25/hr for 1 child or $30-35/hr for 2-3 children
*Last Minute: $25/hr for 1 child or $30-35/hr for 2-3 children
*General Nanny Services: contracts for six months or longer (PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS)
*Essential Worker incentives offered with proof for 2 to 3 children (NOT AVAILABLE FOR General Nanny)

*Provides childcare for two different families at the host families home for $16.50/hr per family.

Private Swimming Lessons-
*$35 per child per session
*30 minutes session
*Group incentives offered


Payment Methods Accepted:

Credit/Debit cards


Cash App

QuickBooks (service fee)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- What is the difference between a Nanny and a Babysitter?
A Nanny is a childcare specialist whose workplace is a family’s private home and works part-time or full-
time on a salary. Nannies may also live with the family whose overall job is to support the family by
creating a nurturing environment and trusting relationship with the child. Convenient and high quality
care is required to meet the child’s physical, emotional, social and cognitive needs on a consistent basis.
A Babysitter is well respected in the industry but typically has fewer responsibilities and sometimes has
no special credentials and experience. Babysitters are child supervisors on a full-time or part-time basis.


Q2- How do my children enroll? The first step is to submit a form online or contact Natasha directly at
678-557-8019. I look forward to hearing from you!


Q3- Are you First-Aid/CPR Certified? Yes, I have been certified in different industries since 2013. My
certification is active.


Q4- Can you care for multiple children from different households in one home? Yes, this form of care is
known as Nanny Sharing. This is when the nanny cares for multiple children from two families at the
hosting family’s home. Both families must complete separate enrollment forms and pay separate fees.


Q5- How long will it take for my child (ren) to learn to swim? Learning to swim is a journey. As a swim
coach, I will teach children different swimming techniques to aid in their ability to swim. I do not
guarantee that any child will learn to swim. Children learn at different paces so it just depends. Overall,
it is a commitment required from all parties.


Q6- Do we pay for swimming lessons if we cancel a lesson at the last minute? Yes, a 24-hour notice is
required or families are required to pay the weekly or monthly fee. If inclement weather requires a
cancellation, payments are waived. However, if you pay a month in advance, refunds are not available.


Q7- What if I terminate my contract before the agreed upon date? A $50 early termination fee is
required along with unpaid fees. Yes, the next 30-days of payments are required.


Q8- Do I pay for mileage? Yes, mileage reimbursement is $.58 per miles when child is transported in the
nanny’s vehicle.

Nanny Sharing
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