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Serving ages 1-12; All services are offered on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED basis. To secure your spot, enrollment forms must be completed entirely and submitted to within 2-3 business days or the next family waiting is offered the spot. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please note that booking online does not officially reserve your child(ren) until we complete the enrollment process
Before enrolling, please see our policy information 

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General Nanny Services

(One Child)

Smiling Girl

General Nanny Services

(2 or more children)

Brothers Playing

Swim Lessons


Nanny Sharing

Children coloring

Prolonged Care


Convenience Care

Leaving the Metro Station

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Fees & Payment information

Nanny Services-

*Convenience Care: $25/hr for 1 child or $30-35/hr for 2-3 children
*Overnight/Weekend Care: $25/hr for 1 child or $30-35/hr for 2-3 children
*Last Minute: $25/hr for 1 child or $30-35/hr for 2-3 children
*General Nanny Services: contracts for six months or longer (PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS)
*Essential worker incentives offered with proof for 2 to 3 children (NOT AVAILABLE FOR General Nanny)

*Nanny Sharing available for two families with 2-3 children.  See more details on this service here

Private Swimming Lessons-

$35 per child per 30 minutes session.

Group Incentive is $30 per child, per 30 minutes session. Families must have access to a public, private, or community pool

Update: Swim lessons are due on a monthly basis


Payment Methods Accepted:

Credit/Debit cards


Cash App

QuickBooks (service fee)


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