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Ms. Natasha

C.E.O. and Operator

Experienced, Educated and Nurturing

Natasha's Nurturing Nest is a privately owned and locally operated Nanny, Swim service for children ages 1-12 years old. Our mission is “Helping to maintain your family's nest” by focusing on 3 Care Commitments: Quality & Reliable Services, Growth & Well-being and Academic Support!

For many years, I've dreamt of opening a service oriented business for children and families. After a couple attempts and failures, I finally conceptualized my vision and “The Nest” was birthed! The vision was written in February 2020 and came to fruition, May 2020! 


My business name was developed with the help of my mom and siblings. Natasha is my middle name and it strongly resonates with childhood memories. 


With prior experience in youth development, criminal justice, business development, early childhood education, as a Nanny and Babysitter, and Swim Coach, I've been called to duty and I can't wait to serve you!

I can't wait to meet you!

Observing Flowers

Academic Support

Growth & Well-Being



Quality Care

Why Natasha’s Nurturing Nest? The owner was an administrator in the field of youth development; owner is proudly involved in business operations and is one of the employees; offers personalized care and low caregiver to child ratio (1:3); the caliber of training offered during swimming lessons is that of Swim America with Coach continuing education; flexible scheduling, outings and field trips. Incentives offered. Slowly growing team of nurturing caregivers

Registration and enrollment offered online and in-person. Personal interview, proof of background clearance and professional portfolio review. A 'Nurturing Report' is prepared for all incidents and emergencies.

 Natasha’s Nurturing Nest adopts the flexible approach to her services, which is based upon the interest of children and needs of the family. Ranges from care options, some scheduling flexibility, children’s specific areas of development & improvement. Daily reading, writing, art, and physical development. Sensory play and nature explorations to better understand themselves and the world. Our”Tweens” can receive learning tools on hygiene, puberty, leadership characteristics, relationship building and service learning projects.

Care Commitments
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